Tuesday, March 12, 2013


5 sets of  tiny hands is what you see but never judge a book by its cover.  Here is an inside look of these special lives!

One has stage III kidney failure. Two more have kidney impairment.

All five have brain aneurysms.

One had 3 brain surgeries in one month for moyamoya (a rare vascular disorder) and a ruptured brain aneurysm.

Three have had surgeries and interventions for aneurysms.

Two of them had aneurysms coiled just a few months ago.

Four of them are on blood pressure medications.

One of them is getting dental implants.

Three of them have dentures.

Two of them have significant hearing loss.

One of them has a tracheostomy.

All of them are under 39 inches tall.

The oldest is 23 years old.

Four of them have significant orthopedic impairments, scoliosis, hip and joint disorders.


One is a gymnast, a college student nearing graduation, a purple (working on brown) belt in karate, a basketball coach, a hunter, a role model and idol of his nieces and cousins, holds the shortest sibling record for Guinness World Records and has had his own docuseries Big Tiny.

One received a two year scholarship for cheerleading in college,  is a fashion designer looking to start a new boutique, has the respect of all her nieces and cousins,  organizes and cleans better than anyone in the house, has a little dog that she loves and loves her dearly, has reigned as the shortest living woman and is currently the shortest siblings for Guinness World Records and had her own docuseries Big Tiny. 

One of them loves to dance and sing, has performed around the world in plays, loves her dogs and birds, inspires her nieces and nephews, and is an awesome artist!

One of them is still in school, loves hanging out with her sisters and brothers, works hard to give back for Potentials Foundation and charity with her parents, and never meets a stranger!

One of them is the most social butterfly anywhere,  he loves girls most favorite is I Carly, he loves showing off his muscles and dance moves.

All of them have MOPD II dwarfism.  All of them are not just friends but family to each other....it may not be by blood but by souls! 


  1. I am so impressed by the sheer beauty of spirit and strength of will of these wonderful people - and on those days when I begin to feel sorry for myself, for my situation - I am reminded of the hurdles and roadblocks Brad and Bri have faced, and the way they have overcome to be the wonderfully amazing people they are, and it gives me strength!! Thank you for sharing them with us!