Friday, March 15, 2013

A Day in Abi's Eyes

So today is fun Friday at the Jordan house.  Baili and Abi spend the day with us every week. Baili has school so not a lot of time to enjoy her but today Abi as usual was very entertaining.  Abi started her day off bouncing in telling her daddy goodbye flinging of her coat and asking "Can I have a snack"...She struts to the cabinet, pulls over her 'epstool and proceeds to get the cookies. Now cookies at 730 am is only a possibility at Gram's house.  So she squeals with delight to find 2 chocalate chip cookies left "just for me"she says.  She then thinks maybe she needs something a little more nutritous and eats some peaches and then topped it off with a fruit roll up.  She watched a little TV, swindled my kindle and downloaded this time not games but .99cent coins for her games she previously downloaded.....if it was for the casino one I hope she won. By 1030 she is in the kitchen again wanting some spaghettios so of course I fixed them along with a second cup of chocolate milk and a Capri Sun.  She returns back to her bedroom bring out with some baby toys for Kolten and Kenzi.  Then a slip and slide wanting to play outside with.  We talked about how "its gonna be warm outside" didn't mean we could use the slip and slide yet.  Next she comes out with blood on her forehead.  I ask what did you do to your head....she says nothing...then she looks down and noticed her thumb bleeding and starts crying "I'M BLEEDING OH GRANDMA WILL ALL OF MY BLOOD COME OUT" reassuring her we put a bandaid on it as she noticed a finger bleeding GRANDMA I NEED BLOOD IN MY BODY!!!! So two bandaids later and a lot of convincing she really was going to live she has calmed find out she found a planter that had broken in the bottom of her closet with a shell in it that she dug out to see if there was a crab in the shell that was in it! She is a mess!!!! I am pretty sure she would have passed out or went into shop had she really had a cut that ran or dripped blood.  Next on the discussion board was what is for supper, I answered Italian beef and she proceeded to tell me that she wanted meatloaf....however her fingers could not probably take holding a fork for meatloaf :(  She watched some Scooby Doo...colored a picture for her hamster Buddy's cage (Buddy went to hamster heaven last week), gave me a wish list of things she wants, a new horse that walks, fur real puppies, a flashlight animal *remember her birthday was just last week* then we decided a nap was in store so she could play outside when Baili gets home.  Well  she chose my bed instead of hers and when I went to check on her yes she was back in a box with a pillow....*my cousin Becky witnessed it*  I convinced her to go to my bed and she is tucked in nicely sleeping....nope just heard her wake up!

These are times we will never get back!  So all you parents and grandmas take time even though you think you don't have it and enjoy them!  Even stop an journal it here and there!  These are BLESSINGS FROM GOD! 



from the 1st time she did this                                      The Comfy bed :)

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