Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bri's Fashion Pose Flashes VBRD Virtue Background is a True Model Needed for USA!

Over the last five days the entire nation has been watching Ferguson, MO deal with a tragic loss of an 18 year old Mike Brown whom was shot by police.  Every day since this the events of protest have went from Peace to Looting to Protest to Military Type Control by the Police and even limitations for the media and journalist to report the events as they unfolded.  The pictures and videos look like a war driven area and main stream media was replaced by Twitter and Vine reporting. Today the Nation revolted for the First Amendment was violated and extreme use of force used to do this.  We as a Nation are divided on some issues, have common ground on some issues and are black, white, brown skinned people but we are Americans and that needs to unite us not divide.
Today Brad, Bri and myself went to help my daughter Brandi get her room ready for the new school year.  It was a day of hard work.  We all would have much rather been out enjoying the day but as a family we believe you help each other when needed.  At the end of the day I took this picture of Bri, who had worked the entire time sorting letters for Brandi's bulletin board.  Bri came all decked out in her usual fashionista  attire.  I took her picture and posted it to her public page.  I had stood her on a desk to get a nice picture and in no way paid attention to the background.  However, when I got home this is what I saw.
The sweetest cutest looking young lady sporting her own fashion with a background that was 100% the message needed for our country.  It is a program the school has chose to use.
Guiding Principles for VBRD
Virtue Based Restorative Discipline
1. We will dedicate ourselves to living virtue.
2. We will support others living virtue.
3. We will commit to Constructive thoughts, words and deeds.
4. When faced with challenges and conflict we will find solutions tha
t cultivate virtue for ourselves and for one another.

Unity is the virtue chose for the school and each person will choose to a virtue to uphold for themselves. What is yours?

Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, or Temperance

May USA chose Virtue Based Restorative Discipline as their background just like Bri! 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You Are on Vacation You Will Have a GOOD Time :)

This has been an awesome last week.  I took Brandi, Abi and Baili to Pigeon Forge, TN.  We did all of the following and each thing was wonderful

1. Swam in pool and hot tub.
2. Played miniature golf
3. Rode horses in the mountains
4. Visited Goat on the roof and fed them
5. Held a baby pig
6. Ice Cream at Marble Stone
7. Visited Dolly World - Baili and Abi's first amusement park
8. Watched fireworks
9. Went to Dixie Stampede
10. Went to "Fish Museum" aka Aquariam
11. Go Kart Riding first for both again
12. Water Bumper Boats
13. Paid it forward with Lukes Gift 

This is just the highlight of the total of 4 days away.  We left at 8 on Thursday am and was home at 9 on Sunday.  Did I mention it was a 8 hour drive each way?  So all in all two days to do all the things we did.  How do you think we did it all?  We didn't do alot of things.  We didn't:

Watch the clock
Have a schedule
Worry over phones going dead
Complain about the weather rain or shine
Set an alarm
Go to bed early or get up late
Eat at the same place twice
Drive straight to our destination
Get Bored with the rain delay. We embraced the rain delay at Dollywood by catching frogs and holding show and tell with all the other boys and girls around~Abi Grace :)

Years ago I took Brandi, Brad and Bri to Disney. I had just a few simple rules and I made sure before we left Abi and Baili knew the Jordan vacation rules.

1. No whining
2. No crying

A simple reminder that "WE ARE ON VACATION AND YOU WILL HAVE FUN" 

What a wonderful time we had and hope all of you reading will too.

You have to click these two video links of Baili and Abi giving the rules :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Legacy Will You Leave?

Today is the 50th Wedding Anniversary for my parents :) Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Evan Deadmond.  It makes me reflect the legacy and lessons they have taught and modeled.

A few wise words of wisdom:

Meme:  Put God first in your life
Pappa:   You have to stand for something and be proud of who you are.
Meme:   I am not telling you again, don't make me get the yardstick.
Pappa:    You are no better than anyone else.
Meme:   Eat at the table as a family.
Pappa:    Never just work to pay bills spend some on fun stuff too.
Meme:   Home made food is always better.
Pappa:    Help those who need it whether it is with time, money or just friendship.
Meme:   Just wait till I tell your Dad.
Pappa:    Don't tell your Mom

As kids, we were raised to go to church and our door was open for company following.  We always stood up for our family name no matter what, we are family first.  Meme I think got each of us with that dreaded yardstick but we learned to behave.  Pappa however, all he had to do was change his tone and we knew we better shape up...a simple, "THAT'S ENOUGH" made us behave...well except for Dana, Brittany and Bridgette :)  Pappa made sure we treated everyone the same no matter who they were, how they dressed, or how much money they had.  We had dinner at the table every night when I was a kid.  If you wanted to go somewhere, the dishes had to be done first.  No meal was complete without making sure Uncle Johnny and Grandpa Meredith were fed too.  Pappa always told me to make sure your don't just have a job do something you enjoy and spend a little of your check on fun.  Sometimes we probably spent too much on fun but even without a perfect credit score, a new car or house we did just fine.  Meme will do anything for anyone and will also tell you what you need to do whether you want to hear it or not.  Pappa always has to back her up when we get a little hard headed though.  I guess that's how they made it 50 years together :)

This is just a few of the things they stand for.  I hope I leave just as good a legacy.  How about you?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brad's Transplant Journey - Case Presentation Day

Today is the day Brad's Medical Case will be presented to the Kidney Transplant Team at Chicago Lurie Children's Hospital. Please say a little prayer for the Doctors and Brad for their wisdom and guidance as we once again enter unchartered territory. God is Good All the Time