Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Well with the beginning of the year, most of us made new years resolutions.  One of my wonderful friends talked me into making goals instead of resolutions.  Why?  Resolutions are made to be broken...lose weight, exercise more, get out of debt etc.....  Goals are made to be realistic and achieved and not instant results.  I did that......I am on my way toward mine. The other thing I did was come up with a motto for the year: Accept the things you cannot change!

That is much easier said than done but man has it helped decrease the anxiety and stress.  What are the things we cannot change? We cannot change when we, our kids or family members are sick.  We cannot change when we get bad weather.  We can not change how someone else feels about things.  We cannot change that there are going to be just drama, craziness, and trials in out lives! 

BUT WE CAN CHANGE.....how we deal with and accept it.We can let God lead us.  We can take care of our bodies, our family and our health.  We can help others as they experience these things that we cannot change.  Perfect example...Brad & Bri have many health challenges, quite serious ones.  We lost two dear friends this year to complications of the same dwarfism and Bri was critically ill herself.  I was getting in quite a funk, I really couldn't shake the down feelings.  Well I had two choices stay in the funk, worry and make everyone around me miserable or do something about it....I chose the harder road, accept what I couldn't change! I cannot change they have MOPD II and along with it comes many health problem.  I CAN however do something about it!  I CAN seek that expert care and make sure they get the checkups, medicine and treatments needed. I CAN make myself less busy and more available for my family.  I CAN make real differences with the research, uniting and sharing of information for our Potentials Foundation to find treatments, cures and support for all of those with primordial dwarfism and MOPD II. I CAN help Brad with his dreams...get a college degree, live with his friend Nick someday, act, play or work with a band, and most recently become an avid hunter. I CAN help Bri as she wants to design, model and open her own boutique.  WE AS A JORDAN FAMILY WILL DO THIS, CAN'T DOESN'T LIVE HERE :)


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